• Semipalov Sergey Andreevich Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor of the Department of Physics and Communication Technology
  • Karimov Pert Borisovich Associate Professor, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
  • Gariamov Mikhail Sergeevich Senior Researcher, Department of General Chemical Technology (GCT)
  • Novitskaya Olga Stepanovna Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Chemistry
  • Kulikov Valentin
  • Asanaliev Ulanbek Askarbekovich – Candidate of Political Science, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
  • Smutko Alexey Nikolaevich – Candidate of Philosophy, Senior Research Fellow, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Chronos economy sciences:

  • Khatskevich L.P. PhD in economy, Professor, Kiev, Ukraine
  • Nikiforov L. L. Cand. econom. Sci. Junior Researcher Moscow, Russia
  • Kudlai, E.A. Cand. econom. Sci. Researcher Kiev, Ukraine

Chronos natural sciences:

  • Savinsky K.E. Dr. Tech. sciences, Professor, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Malinin O, A Cand. phys.-mat. Sci. Senior Lecturer, Kursk, Russia
  • Gerd A.A. Cand. medical. Sci., Senior Researcher, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Loshak A.A. Associate Professor, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Chronos psychology and pedagogy:

  • Chemerisova D.N., Cand. psychol. Sci. Senior Lecturer, Kiev, Ukraine
  • Rud O.A Cand. ped. Sci. Researcher, Kiev, Ukraine
  • Trost U.A. Associate Professor Moscow, Russia
  • Linkov A.A. Cand. ped. Sci. Senior Lecturer Moscow, Russia

Chronos social sciences:

  • Boyko D.P. Dr. Sci. professor, Volgograd, Russia
  • O. Kuznetsov, Cand. hist. Sci. Researcher, Buryatia, Russia
  • Openko A.A. Cand. philosophy. Sci. Researcher, Kiev, Ukraine